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2014      Jan 19

A gambling game is easy to play. But when you play to gamble and make some money, it is necessary to understand few terms which are commonly used in the slot machines, table game etc. as these are the most common games played. In this article, we will understand the basic terminologies that are used in the slot machine games.

1)    Bonus: if you happen to play the games online such as from the site, you will often see these offer something called gratis casino. This is nothing but free slots or bonus. Apart from this, the slot game consists of usual bonus. This is a special feature of the slot games which is awarded only when certain special symbol matching is done by the player.

2)    Candle: candle is a light which is placed on the top of the slot gaming machine. This is used whenever there is some assistance needed from the operator. For example, the slot machine might be in need of change or there is some potential problem with the machine.

3)    Coin Hopper: Hopper is a mechanical device which is capable of rotating the coins into the coin tray. This is the place where all the coins are made available immediately once the payouts are held.

4)    Credit Meter: This meter displays the amount of credits or money available on the machine. It can be in the form of a LED display.

5)    Hand Pay: When the payout is made at an exchange point and not on the slot machine itself, it is called hand pay. This is not followed usually. This occurs only when the amount of payout crosses the maximum money that is set to the slot machine.

The above 5 terms are very important when you play a slot machine. There are many more terms such as drop bucket, slant top etc.

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