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2014      Jun 2

Due to stiff competition among the many players in the field of the online casino business the owners of the reliable online casinos sites are resorting to promotional schemes similar to those used in the main line industries. 17 million casino sites are there in the web all trying hard to get their share of the online casino business. It is true that some sites are bogus and meant for earning quick profit. But such casino sites cannot survive long because the players get to know about their cheating and the news spread like fire among all the old as well as new players by words of mouth.

As an ethical mode of attracting the new players and holding on the older players in the sites the owners employ various means among which the most popular one is the casino bonuses. The casino owners have designed various forms of bonuses targeting various stratums of players such as beginners, older players, moneyed players and players desiring to play in tournaments. While selecting the casino sites the new aspirants look for the bonus schemes of the casino sites and see whether the schemes suit them or not. It has become an important criterion for the selection of the casino sites. As such in the present scenario no casino site can work without declaring bonus schemes in their sites. Rather there is a competition as to how aptly one site can attract the players to their site and also retain the players who are existing in the sites.


The welcome bonus is designed to lure the new players. This bonus is a lucrative one and all the new players are advised to look for the best welcome bonus offered by any Malta Online Casinos site. The argument behind offering this bonus as a promotional scheme is to get hold of the new aspirants so that they can keep them to stay on in the site with the help of other bonus offers in future depending upon the status of the players. The welcome bonuses are again of two broad types namely no deposit bonus and deposit bonus.

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