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2014      Oct 16

There’s a question that should be on everybody’s mind; that’s  if they’re serious about mobile casino and playing in the betting  market that’s now practically at war. Developers of games, online  slots and roulette apps are now searching for the next best thing, but  they’re not the only ones looking either. We came across one review  portal in particular that now values mobile playability over anything  else. Promoting only casinos capable of delivering pure quality gaming  to your iPad, iPhone or any other smartphone or powerful tablet  device. Slotsquad is the name behind this portal, and they’re very  serious about what they do too.

Slotsquad isn’t about looking for the best mobile casinos of today,  but also those of tomorrow. In 2015 iPads and other tablet devices  will become the prime data medium for casino game delivery. Apps will  surpass desktop downloads, and smaller but faster platforms will rule  the information highway. Tomorrows roulette tables and video slots  will be adaptable to almost any mobile device; improved communication  networks will facilitate the whole experience, and audio and graphic  capabilities will evolve sporadically. is already  looking for these games and casinos in the present, at brands and  websites already using technology and software that promises  incredible playability. They’re looking at what will make a quality  mobile casino in 2015 and beyond, and that starts with today.

The Squad as they call themselves base their entire review strategy  for mobile app casinos on playability merits alone. The in-depth  analysis used in these reviews ensures players get the very best  experience for their portable device possible. Once they’ve assessed  each casino on every display, software model and in multiple  environments, Slotsquad then looks at the bonus power. Following the  cash factor for real money players, what happens next gets based on  game selection, long term membership value and finally customer care.  Whilst we’re still years away from the inevitable leap to complete  mobile domination of the gaming world, it seems some online casinos  are now preparing themselves early for the app Apocalypse to come.

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