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2013 Jul 6

Just what exactly is the point of offering players a no deposit bonus if they are just going to cast it aside and realise that they have made a mistake playing in the online casino, without actually trying any of their games? You aren’t doing anything wrong at all when you sign up to several online casinos at the same time, and use the casino no deposit bonus that each of them has to try out their range of games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. Say you sign up to twenty online casinos, and you take a no deposit bonus from each of them. That gives you twenty times the experience to see what each casino has, and to see if you can actually win on any of their slot games. It also offers you the opportunity to see if any of their games are to your liking. If not, you can simply bow out and that will be the end of that. Cancel your account and move on, but there is no reason to instantly sign up just because you won a few quid on one of them.

Try several more I would say, and see if you can do better at other online casino sites offering no deposit bonuses. A quick visit to an online casino review site will show you a list of all online no deposit casinos that are open for you to play at.

Once you are armed with this list, try them out, one or two per day and spend their money. They are offering you probably between ten and twenty five pounds to blast on slots, and whatever you win they will say that you can keep if you make a deposit to your account. If you don’t make a deposit, you don’t get to keep the cash and you can close your account. It doesn’t cost you a penny to say thanks, but no thanks.

So, you’ve tried a few and kept a few notes on how much you have won (or not won) at each of the online casinos, giving each one of them a trial as it were to see which one suits you the most. Now you can weigh up the options and see which one will suit you best. That is the online casino site that you should go with.

So you see, no deposit bonuses are there for a reason, and you shouldn’t feel guilty in using them any more than you should pressured into signing up with the first casino that offers you a few quid and a no deposit bonus in the first place. Milk the offer for all that its worth, the online casinos expect you to do so anyway, so why waste your deposit bonus, when you can learn from it and come away with a real winner of an online casino site that you can call home?

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