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2014 Mar 20

A player at Madaboutslots mobile casino has recently hit the news after bagging a colossal £43,334 on one of their progressive slots.  The lucky player is from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire and has requested to remain anonymous.  They won the massive prize after placing a minimum 10p bet on the cute Sweet Treats slot game.  Players can bet anything between 10p and £1 while playing the slot, making it even more interesting that the player won while betting the minimum.

If you have a soft spot for sweet things, you’ll love sinking your teeth into this game.  When you first play the slot, it is as if you are stepping into a magical candy land, surrounded by lollipops, muffins, cakes, twisters and ice chew sweets.  The game is undoubtedly designed to appeal to the sweets-loving kids inside us.  The game is designed to be very visually playful, making strong use of pinks, yellows and reds.

The lucky player won this progressive prize from Madaboutslots, an impressive mobile gaming site which hosts a broad selection of mobile slots, casino games and bingo and this big win comes just the day after they added their brand new slot Triceraslots which was developed in-house.  The mobile slot site is alsowell-known for its range of bonuses on offer, as well as the massive prize funds which can be won.If you fancy your chances at winning one of their life-changing progressive jackpot slots, try out Madaboutslots’ Knight Quest slot, with a jackpot currently higher than £28,000 and rising!

2014 Jan 19

A gambling game is easy to play. But when you play to gamble and make some money, it is necessary to understand few terms which are commonly used in the slot machines, table game etc. as these are the most common games played. In this article, we will understand the basic terminologies that are used in the slot machine games.

1)    Bonus: if you happen to play the games online such as from the site, you will often see these offer something called gratis casino. This is nothing but free slots or bonus. Apart from this, the slot game consists of usual bonus. This is a special feature of the slot games which is awarded only when certain special symbol matching is done by the player.

2)    Candle: candle is a light which is placed on the top of the slot gaming machine. This is used whenever there is some assistance needed from the operator. For example, the slot machine might be in need of change or there is some potential problem with the machine.

3)    Coin Hopper: Hopper is a mechanical device which is capable of rotating the coins into the coin tray. This is the place where all the coins are made available immediately once the payouts are held.

4)    Credit Meter: This meter displays the amount of credits or money available on the machine. It can be in the form of a LED display.

5)    Hand Pay: When the payout is made at an exchange point and not on the slot machine itself, it is called hand pay. This is not followed usually. This occurs only when the amount of payout crosses the maximum money that is set to the slot machine.

The above 5 terms are very important when you play a slot machine. There are many more terms such as drop bucket, slant top etc.

2013 Nov 24

When online gaming sites promote scratch card bonus offers online, they offer an interactive play on their sites for all their customers, where you can enjoy exciting scratch card bonuses. The main reason for the popularity of online scratch cards is their simplicity and they do not have tough rules and regulations, highly entertaining and can yield attractive prizes.

Depending on the selected scratch card game, players will be offered impressive prizes such as extensive cash payouts, giant jackpots and more. The common thing that the scratch card players have is they seek impressive scratch card bonuses online and top quality games. The most popular online titles include Evolve 2, Weird Science, Duck Shoot, Temple Of Loot, Hit the ace, Scratch Football, Monster Maker, Tank Commander and more.

Players can obtain generous scratch card bonuses by playing all these games. Some online casinos will not special bonuses while playing scratch cards but it should not be the problem as scratch card punter will consider welcome bonus as free scratch card cash. Online scratch cards are really exciting and the scratch card bonuses are even more exciting.

2013 Jul 6

Just what exactly is the point of offering players a no deposit bonus if they are just going to cast it aside and realise that they have made a mistake playing in the online casino, without actually trying any of their games? You aren’t doing anything wrong at all when you sign up to several online casinos at the same time, and use the casino no deposit bonus that each of them has to try out their range of games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. Say you sign up to twenty online casinos, and you take a no deposit bonus from each of them. That gives you twenty times the experience to see what each casino has, and to see if you can actually win on any of their slot games. It also offers you the opportunity to see if any of their games are to your liking. If not, you can simply bow out and that will be the end of that. Cancel your account and move on, but there is no reason to instantly sign up just because you won a few quid on one of them.

Try several more I would say, and see if you can do better at other online casino sites offering no deposit bonuses. A quick visit to an online casino review site will show you a list of all online no deposit casinos that are open for you to play at.

Once you are armed with this list, try them out, one or two per day and spend their money. They are offering you probably between ten and twenty five pounds to blast on slots, and whatever you win they will say that you can keep if you make a deposit to your account. If you don’t make a deposit, you don’t get to keep the cash and you can close your account. It doesn’t cost you a penny to say thanks, but no thanks.

So, you’ve tried a few and kept a few notes on how much you have won (or not won) at each of the online casinos, giving each one of them a trial as it were to see which one suits you the most. Now you can weigh up the options and see which one will suit you best. That is the online casino site that you should go with.

So you see, no deposit bonuses are there for a reason, and you shouldn’t feel guilty in using them any more than you should pressured into signing up with the first casino that offers you a few quid and a no deposit bonus in the first place. Milk the offer for all that its worth, the online casinos expect you to do so anyway, so why waste your deposit bonus, when you can learn from it and come away with a real winner of an online casino site that you can call home?

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2013 Jul 6
There is always something to look forward to when new things come forth. That is true when it comes to bingo sites. Unlike the old ones,online blackjack new bingo sites are more aggressive in offering rewards and bonuses that could help enhance a player’s advantage against the House.Before, some sites would impress that they will offer free bingo only to find out that you need to make a deposit to cash in on them. But now, no deposit bingo bonuses are exactly what they are. They are bonuses you can use to join the gambling games just by simply signing up. The ‘no deposit’ clause means that there is no amount of deposit required to get them. As soon as you create an account with those sites,Casino las vegas your free cash to play will be deposited directly to your account. Here are some of the best bingo sites that offer no deposit bonuses.

Lippy Bingo – This bingo site offers a mystery bonus that may come between £5 and £1,000. There is no catch to earning that amount of free bonus. It’s just free money that you can get as soon as you sign up. Directing to the sign up page, you could get a code that contains your mystery bonus. Pop that code and your free, no deposit bingo bonus will be revealed.

Kitty Bingo – This new site offers £10 of free money, which you can use to play the bingo games of your choice. You can use your free cash to enter 75 and 90 ball games, as well as in mini and instant games.

BGO Bingo – This is another must-join bingo site that offers a no deposit bonus of £5, which you can use to enlist in cash games sports betting online. Aside from that, there are also free bingo games for everyone, available round-the-clock and in the mobile platform. You can enjoy lots of bingo fun without any risk of losing money in the process.

123Bingo – This bingo site offers $70 in free bingo bonus with no deposit. That amount is cashable so you can use them to enter games with real money involved. This is such a nice way to sample the Parlay game software, which powers the gaming site. With such an enormous rewards it offers,jackpot city there is no way you can lose at this site.

Bingo Avatar – This amazing site offers $30 of free spins, with no deposit requirement. The free signup bonus is cash able. That means you can use it to enter cash games, which are quite numerous in the site.

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2013 Jul 6
The gambling industry has gone more aggressive with great inputs and better monetary outputs for the hardcore players in the form of bonuses and promotions. However, the business of online gaming is the most successful and profitable industry on the internet. There are a very few players that really hesitate in playing the Online Casino UK games. The last decade has seen the eruptions of hundreds of websites in UK alone which has further boosted the growth and helped the business to expand more freely. There is no denying the fact that some of the online casino websites are really fraudulent but you should be thankful to the technical advancement and implementation of security arrangements that really have helped in the success of casino games on the internet. With improvement in the security factor, online casino gaming has reached new heights in the past few years.There are several benefits associated with the show of online casino playing action and you cannot really deny the fact that online websites offer players with more choices than the land-based casinos. Switching action is also more instant and immediate in online casinos which make the game more convenient and enjoying. Over 100 types of games are available with each of the gaming software in casino. Secondly, casino websites try to offer players with more bonus offers and promotions in order to lure more people. This is due to the rise in competition level that has included loyalty and welcome bonuses. In between, the Casino UK Online Casino portals reward you with promotion and referral offers. Convenience and home comfort seem to be the greatest benefits of playing online casino games. You save a lot of commutation charges with this option. The atmosphere is also great in online gambling and there are eventually no sorts of distractions.

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2013 Jul 6

The popularity of online gambling has encouraged hundreds of casinos all over the internet. Gamblers will find themselves a wide selection of online casinos offering a wide variety of offers and promotions online players to have a great play. the falling prices of internet is responsible for the development of the internet’s growth and, now when the broadband connection can now be found on every house, more and more people are going online to entertain themselves, and similarly the gamblers are also finding the casino plays conveniently over the internet as anyone can play the casino games at the comforts of their own home free online casino roulette. Now a days where the casino are commonly found on the net the casino industry is becoming competitive and so the casino companies are coming up with the latest offers to attract the players to be able to stand out in the competitive world of online casino and hence the gamblers are offered the latest promotions and the no deposit casino bonus is one of such offer.

The casino no deposit bonuses are similar to the sign-up bonus but are more attractive, as the players are offered this bonus without the requirement of making the deposit free online casino games slots. These offers are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. No deposit bonuses give gamblers the opportunity to play for free. Gamblers need to create an account on the online casino, enter the no deposit casino codes and get credited with the free money. Now bingo for kids available.

Gamblers can find the sites offering the casino offering no deposit casino bonuses and get registered with the casino site, but commonly almost all the popular casino companies offer the no deposit bonuses. The players also need to go through the terms and conditions of the online casino and get a fair idea about the company before signing up for anything.Basically the online casinos earn profit by setting limit to gamble as well as through by the wagering requirementto be able to make the withdrawalsand the winnings, but they also are of great advantage as they provide the opportunity to be able to have higher earnings free casino slots for fun. Commonly the wagering requirement for the online player is generally thirty times more than the bonus. The players are also allowed to transfer your winnings from the free play account to your real account to withdraw the money, while some of the casinos require you to make a minimum deposit to be able to withdraw the winnings.Play many more games and Bingo games online.

The no deposit bonus is a great way to play for free, but players need to make sure and fulfil the requirement and be sure read the instructions and also have to make sure that you are able to fulfil the requirements and that it is actually bingo game online. Also make sure that the deal is real with no hidden charges before you sign up at the online casino.

2013 Jul 6

A no deposit casino bonus is an offer from the casino that provides the free money and credit, or extended play time, or extra spins or rounds of play so that the players can win money from the game as well as get an idea of the play before they actually gamble at the casino.Get casino apps online and many more gambling games online.There are thousands of online casinos to choose from, and so gambling now has become a favourite world-over. There is a lot of competition among these sits and each claim to offer best of best services, there are websites offering great bonus offers and some of the sites provide bonus codes to be entered into your best sports online account and give you more credit or money with which to gamble. Sometimes it is also ideal to do some research or spend some time to find the bonuses that are great to collect as it gives you a lot of bankroll and you will also be able to gamble more or play more games.

Among the various bonus offers the ones that are most common are the casino no deposit bonus and here are some of the major benefits of accumulating no deposit casino bonuses are:

With the casino no deposit bonus you are able to gamble with real money but without investing into your account, basically when you choose to go for this casino bonus the casino company credits your account with this free money and so each of the casino company offers different amount of no-deposit casino bonus and each offer is different fromthe other, hence it is required that you carefully read the terms and condition before you go for a particular casino company. When you choose the no deposit casino bonus the casino company credits your account with these free offers or free money that can be used to gamble.Now you can play free bingo online and many more Bingo games.

You can find your favourite casino game and gamble at it with minimum risk, most of the players like to try new caisno games, but they are not able to risk their bankroll each time, hence if you choose to go with the free money offer then you can game at any casino game with minimum risk as you stake with the free money. Basically with this online poker sites casino bonus you can try different casinos without or, at least amount of risk.

By utilising the no –deposit casino bonus you will get an overview of the casino site offers and this will help you become familiar with the activities or offers with Internet gambling. As you can get hands on experience with no risk, you can try the services of the casino company and finally make a decision of continuing gambling with this casino or not. Using a no deposit casino bonus gives you the opportunity to play games without a financial risk from your bankroll.Bingo number are used in bingo games

No deposit casino bonuses are really advantageous if you can use them carefully analyse them and make at most use of it. by offering the no- deposit casino bonuses the casino company attracts the players to join the plays or gamble and as the casino games are lucrative once to enter a play you will become so used to it and definitely join the games plays again and again, hence the casino companies consider the players as future or potential players and offer them these free bonuses so that they are encouraged to join the play and have a great time while they gamble at the casino.

2013 Jul 6
Playing poker or casino games is dedicated only to adults but this is not the case with bingo game because this interesting bingo game can be played by anyone and there is no particular age limit to enjoy playing bingo games. There are many people who are in assumption that bingo is not the game for children but this assumption is absolutely wrong because this is a game for everyone in your family.

We can in fact say that whenever you plan for any get together party then include bingo in your party schedule so as to make it more memorable and interesting. Yes, we very often arrange some games whenever we plan for any get together parties games like carom, chess and hide and seek are very common so think out of the box and make bingo the perfect party game. All that one need to have is a bingo tickets and a person to shout the numbers. Read more info about how bingo can improve your family life.

Not only adults but children will also enjoy the party for sure if bingo is included. Not only at party times but this game can be played within family members as well to add some entertainment and fun in their lives. Nowadays all the family members’ right from parents to the children is very with their busy schedules, adults with their office work and children with their study materials. Therefore bingo is the perfect break that helps all the family members to spend with each other and have some fun.

2013 Jul 6

The No deposit casino bonuses are perks offered by online casinos to players who wish to try out the software and games, without risking their own money, there are among the latest offers of the poker online casino, basically the competitive world of the online casino is the cause of the casino coming up with the latest and the bests offers for the players and No deposit casino bonus is one among such offers. The best part of the NO deposit casino bonus is that the players can enjoy and bet at the game with the free money offered by the casino; this money is offered by the casino as soon as the players sign in, but here the players need no make their first deposit.Get best casino apps online.

The no deposit casino bonus is offered by the casino company to attract the players and ensure that they have a great gambling experience with the casino company and the players will come back and continue the play with the casino and in this way the casino business will be developed.It is true that the no deposit casino bonuses require no deposit into your online casino account at all, but the casino will restrict you from withdrawing, unless the wagering requirements are fulfilled but it offer you the ability to bet using the free money offers through the no deposit casino bonus. Generally the players are asked to open a guest account at the online casino, and then the account gets credited with this bonus once the players click on the no deposit bonus link.

The players are offered this free money to take advantage during the play, now players can win at their favourite casino Poker games online, they just need the right skill to perform well at the game and make the most of this free casino bonus.Now play Football gambling online Players are really getting attracted towards the casinos due to the no deposit casino bonus offers.

But the casinos have the aim to make profits, so why do theyoffer the no deposit casino bonuses to the player. Basically there is nothing like completely free, the casino limits the players by imposing the wagering requirements but the players have the offered the promotions and an opportunity for the players to make use of their gaming skills and focus on making a profit using the free credits.Now casino available on Android Casino Apps. The No deposit casino bonuses are actually a great way for online sports betting casinos to introduce themselves and their offers to the online casino players and allow them to enjoy the game of the site for free and in this way the casino is actually advertising its offers and promotions and games to the players of the casino, by playing the games for free, you get to feel of the game and get to play with ease with gift money that is instantly credited to your account, and also work to improve your gaming skills and gain the confidence to invest big in the casino game play.

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